Packaging Processing Equipment


A capping chuck can be a boon or a bust on any line. Using the latest Onsite custom designed Capping Chucks will ensure that the packaging integrity is not compromised in any way.

Onsite is an expert in the design and manufacture of precision capping chucks and other specific or proprietary packaging closure equipment.

Precision capping is vital and is dependent on high quality, innovative chuck equipment. Our latest chuck products will improve capping line efficiencies enormously and will outperform friction capping or fixed diameter chucks which in turn will reduce scrap, minimise knurl damage, reduce variations in removal torque and jamming on the production line.

Onsite has solutions that will fix a considerable variety of issues in this area, including loose fitting closures, sealing problems, incorrect heat seals, cross threading, cocked closures, tamper evident banding that has separated, leaking issues and wasted production time due to other technical problems.

Our precision design and engineering will ensure that there is a solution to costly production downtime, unresolved technical issues and product recall.

Talk to us today about our capping chuck capabilities and how we may assist your business.

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