Plastic Components


Onsite is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of tooling for the plastics industry.

We understand that your product must be perfect and that this precision has to start with us. Plastics have historically been a principal focus for Onsite Engineering & Tooling and its staff. Our key staff and management are fully experienced in this area, having been involved in providing tooling for this industry over the past three decades.

Plastics tooling is something we understand and our experience can be extremely beneficial to any company requiring expert support in this area.
All plastics manufacturing equipment is based on a requirement for absolute precision in the tooling components. This tooling also requires scheduled attention to ensure that those tolerances and finishes are strictly maintained.

  • Onsite’s expertise is in the provision of design, tool production and maintenance of:
  • Injection Pre-form & Bottle Tooling
  • Thin Wall Packaging
  • Plastic Caps and Closures – featuring hinges, Tamper evident bands and multi-component assemblies etc.

Talk to us today about your tooling requirements and learn how we may add value to your business and assist you in the future.

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